V.05 N.01 Issue 15


  1. Closed Reduction and Cast Versus Percutaneous Pinning in Distal Radius Fracture
    Dr B Shrestha, Dr A Pandey, Dr G P Singh, Dr K M Shrestha, Dr R Shrestha
  2. Vascular Injury and its Management: Experience at Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa, Nepal
    Santosh Shah, Rajesh Poudel, Tika Ram Bhandari, DamberBikram Shah, Ghanshyam Sigdel, Kailash Chandra
  3. Effect of Early Surgery on Outcome in Perforation Peritonitis
    Tika Ram Bhandari, Rajesh Poudel, Kailash Chandra
  4. A Cadaveric Study of Length of Trachea in Nepalese Population of Various Age Groups
    Nitasha Sharma, G.A Khan, Ruku Pandit
  5. A Comparative Study of Steroid Injection with or without Lignocaine in Treating Frozen Shoulder
    Dr A Pandey, Dr B Shrestha, Dr KM Shrestha
  6. Pattern of Hand Injuries in a Teaching Hospital of a Developing Country
    KM Shrestha, A Pandey, B Shrestha
  7. Utility of Serum Allergy Test in Patients with Chronic Urticaria
    Bhattarai S, Pradhan K, Sharma S, Pant AD
  8. Knowledge and Practice on Selected Aspects of Postnatal Care Among Postnatal Mothers
    Pradhan (Thaiba) A, Rani U
  9. Fundus changes in pregnancy induced hypertension
    Karky P, Basnet PS, Basnet A, Sijapati MJ, Manish KC, Pokharel K
  10. Occupational Risk: Needle-stick injuries and its determinants among the Healthcare Workers
    Madhusudan Ghimire, Achala Sharma, Poudel Anuj , Moushami Ghimire


  1. The doctor-manager relationship
    CA. Raju Basnet Chhetri


  1. Fracture of Proximal Humerus & Shaft Managed with Closed Reduction & External Fixation by
    Joshi External Stabilisation System (JESS) – A Case Report
    Prakriti Raj Kandel, Rajiv Baral, Abhishek Kumar Thakur, Gyaneshwar Prasad Singh, Laxmi Pathak
  2. Tuberculous Osteomyelitis of Mandible: A Rare Case Report
    Ravish Mishra, B. B. Mall, Laxmi Kandel, Santosh Kandel